Brynn and Eric Rader

This is us. If you really want to know what makes us different, watch a couple of the videos below. But to sum it up: We are not just "real estate agents" in the sense you are accustomed. Our unique background and experience blends with our real estate activities to offer superior service. Our clients are constantly blown away at what we do for them. 

aerial view of city during daytime

What Our Clients' Say

               One of the greatest blessings was us finding Brynn Rader and her husband Eric of Rader Homes Team . I connected with her on one of the mom's groups of the woodlands on Facebook and from day one she has been so kind and helpful. Later my husband and I met with her and her husband Eric virtually( we moved from New Hampshire to TX), we could tell from that meeting how genuine they both were. We were in the process of selling our home there when we met them and even then they helped us with all the steps along the way. When we finally got here to the woodlands they were incredible! They went above and beyond what I ever imagined. If you are looking for help finding the perfect area for you and your family this is the dream team you want! They toured us all through the woodlands and also brought us to some other areas so we could see be able to see what was the perfect fit for us. We found a perfect house the second week we were in Texas and they even managed to get it for us under asking! I highly highly suggest you consider them in your dream home hunt, you will be so happy you did!



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